Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Problems Landlords Face and Their Solutions

Rental Properties – proved to be the best investment for landlords so far, until they’re protected by smart coverage like landlord protection insurance. Questions may arise, why should landlords need protection? Well, the straight answer is – they face problems and an ultimate solution to those problems is Landlord Protection Insurance.

Do you believe – It’s not even a problem if it doesn’t have a solution?. For landlords, the solution comes in the form of ‘rental insurance’, ‘liability insurance’, ‘content insurance’, ‘building insurance ‘and ‘emergency cover insurance’ etc. Let’s check them out in short details about the nightmares and the corresponding immunities landlords can have.

Nightmare #1: Rent Default

The most common form of landlords’ nightmare with high frequency. It can happen due to sudden job loss, sickness, carelessness and dishonesty of your tenants. Hence the most common action taken is eviction process – a lengthy one, which will damage you enough in the meantime.

Immunity: Rental insurance – a great back up for rent default and other tenant related problems.

Nightmare #2: Natural Calamities & Burglary

Burglary, landlord insurance, landlord home insurance

Nature can give you hard time by flooding your building or burning it in fire and the other ways like earthquake, lightening etc. Along with natural calamities, burglary can be another way to damage your furnished possessions.

Immunity: Ensure that landlord insurance covers Home insurance for rental property – combination of Building & Content insurance which provides the cost of repairing & rebuilding your properties.

Nightmare #3: Emergency Issues

Emergency Exit, landlord insurance

Accidents – its speciality is that it comes without any warning. There can be a sudden gas leak or water pipe burst and electric short circuit situation in your property.

Immunity: Stay armed with Emergency Cover insurance – covers plumbing, electric wirings and heating systems of your property.

Nightmare #4: Unexpectedly Injuring Someone or Damaging Their Property

This situation arises when you make mistakes unintentionally and these mistakes can injure someone or harm their property.

Immunity: A Liability insurance will support you with lawsuits against these unexpected damages and pay for medical bills.

home insurance, liability insurance, landlord insurance

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