Monday, July 25, 2016

Breaking Bad On Your Property

Maybe you have seen your tenant always keeping their window curtains drawn or unusual looking, tattooed faces just coming and going in the middle of the night. He might even be over obsessed with security or trying too hard to keep his records clean. These signs can mean either your tenant has a queer choice of taste or he is into some deep business of illegal activities. In any case, as a landlord even when holding a landlord insurance, no one is ever comfortable seeing their property being trampled over by drug dealers.

Tenants involved in activities such as growing marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy or ice can be the cause of damage to your property or deprive you of rental income if you do not have a landlord insurance. It is always best to prevent the disease than to work hard for the cure but still, get a landlord insurance quote as soon as possible for any possible future loss.

Looking out for few of these signals can save you the trouble from occurring in the first place:

Tampering With the Property

Unexpected holes in different parts of the house especially in the ceiling might mean the presence of hidden structures. Pipes, hoses or electrical cables to and fro might not be a usual thing to be seen. Meter boards near walls or cupboards might be rewired or connected with extra electric wires.

Use of security systems such as advanced gate locks, CCTV cameras or barbed wire fences are good to have but can also show the over protectiveness of something that’s carefully hidden inside.

Objects Out of the Norms

A drug laboratory very often requires items like beakers, glass flasks, rubber tubing, gas cylinders, chemical containers, drain cleaner, garden fertiliser, cold medicines or high voltage light sources.

Portable air conditioners are often used to cultivate hydroponic crops and in this case, might be used for cannabis cultivation. The presence of these items is sufficient to raise an eyebrow and look for further symptoms.

Unusual Guests and Activities

If the place is frequently visited at odd hours by shady looking characters and for a short period of time, it might mean that his illegal business is thriving. Covered up windows during the daylight hours is also unusual.

He might not even live in the property, as it is common for drug manufacturers to not live with their goods but only come when necessary.

Clean on Payments and Records

They might seem a bit hurry to pay up the rents and sometimes even pay in advance. This helps him to run a smooth business without you being a nosy landlord meddling in his affairs.

Background checks and property inspections are few things he might not be very fond of and find every chance to cancel or postpone these meetings.

If you seem to know a tenant who coincides with all or most of the above criteria, be aware and do not try to put up against him on your own. Contact authorities to take care of it and feel safe with a property insurance quote for any damage already done.