Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Implementation of Lean Training Courses: Lean Manufacturing

The lean technique was first adopted by Toyota which offers very easy tools to analyse the steps of workflow within an organisation to see if any of the steps can be minimised or eliminated.  Lean refer to creating more value with fewer resources.

Lean manufacturing which is also referred to lean production offers businesses a chance to increase their profits with the fewer resource by sharpening the work process and minimising waste. Lean training courses help organisations on their roadmap for success and teach how to make use the least of resources to create more value.

Lean thinking is methodically proved of reviewing all activities and work processes within an organisation and looking at how every little task is implemented as well as the bigger tasks and making sure that they are done in the most efficient way.

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

The concept of lean manufacturing adopted for maximising the utilisation of resources while minimising the waste. Lean manufacturing tools and training enables organisations to achieve more with the fewer resource and also fulfil the customer’s need which is the core of any business model. Appropriate implementation of lean manufacturing reduces the time of production process, costs and give the opportunity to do the tasks with less effort. Because of the rapid change in the business environment, the organisations are forced to face the challenges and complexities. Any organisation whether it is manufacturing or service oriented depends on its ability to respond to these challenges to survive.

Although there is no standard roadmap for lean manufacturing, every organisation either big or small could have their own value stream mapping for lean manufacturing. The analysis should be done before developing a road map. Analysis helps to identify the areas opportunity of the business. To identify the production gaps and areas of opportunity organisations may require a lean expert. Lean experts are highly trained and capable of finding out the areas of opportunity where lean manufacturing should be implemented. However, the road map of lean manufacturing could be developed by facility analysis and common sense. Bellow, some steps are listed as road map organisation can make use of it:

  • Team formation (Team members must have the lean manufacturing or relevant business experience)
  • Developing a communication channel for the team members
  • Finding out resources
  • Determining waste across the entire system
  • Process mapping
  • Creating a list of necessary equipment
  • Determining the effects of equipment on overall process
  • Setting up the time management
  • Analysing the production quality
  • Error implementation
  • Developing standardised operation
  • Improvements of facility and work process

The above road map is only an example. The best practice to increase the business profit is having a plan and creating an own lean road map. The path of lean manufacturing will not be straight and it is an endless process.

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